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So I didn’t realize how popular these Digimon Tags would be. I’ve gotten a few requests to make these before, but I held off until I recently relived my childhood watching Digimon on Netflix. So I figured I’ll let destiny pick out some DigiDestined among Tumblr. 


  • winners digi-destined will pick out which crest they would like to receive.


  • Reblog this post once for an entry to win
  • Likes/Follows do not count, but appreciated
  • Giveaway ends September 30th 2013, Monday at 11:59pm PST
  • Winners will be announced October 1st 2013, Tuesday

Who will destiny choose to protect the Digital World Tumblr?

I… I need this…

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Playing Twilight Princess and writing an essay about the uncanny just reminds me how utterly unsettling the stone hands in the Twilight Palace are. They are the reason I hate this temple more than the water one.

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How do you… be a quiet person and not come off as rude to people.

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I totally know where you’re coming from. Up until middle school people always told me that, and when I was young it was probably the most often written note on my report card: “Nice, smart, but too quiet.” or something along those lines. I think I’m getting better at that now that I’m college.

If you have nothing to say then perhaps you can work on your body language to make up for it. Try to smile more often, and try to relax your body so your posture isn’t so stiff (i.e. leaning against the counter rather than stiffly standing behind it). You may not be striking up a conversation, but you won’t seem so unapproachable. 

Actually conversing may be the best thing to do, and I know how tough it can be to talk to someone who isn’t a friend or anything. You can always talk about their pets. (“Oh, we don’t get many French poodles here. This is a nice change.”) (“I have a dog that looks like yours, but he’s a (species) instead.”) (“I heard terriers are very playful. Is that true?”) I think as long as you don’t get too personal you won’t come off as rude or nosy. Depending on their responses you can determine how much the customer actually wants to talk. 

I don’t know how helpful all of that was, but I hope it gets better! I know that talking when you don’t want to is like, pulling teeth, but it’s a necessary evil. :c

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